Free Concert!


 Pete Whitebird Returns to King City

Pete Whitebird, Christian Country Singer, returns to King City to play and sing at First Baptist Church, February 8th @ 6:00 p.m.

Pete Whitebird, a native, American Chippewa Indian, from Topeka, Kansas hit Christian Country Music World in 1998 with a bang and burst onto the national radio scene with a string of smash hit singles and quickly established himself as one of America’s top Christian Country singer-songwriters.
This unique artist is a genuine, real, down-to-earth man, who understands the working man, the pain of broken families and addiction, because he has been there. Yes, Pete has been there, so he understands the heartaches that life can bring, and God has used that pain in his life to make him a wiser, humbler man.
In 1999 Pete and his wife, Judy, went full-time with his music and evangelism ministry.
Consider that he has had sixteen chart-topping Christian Country radio hits, TWELVE soaring all the way to NUMBER ONE. He is recognized across America and Internationally, by fans and fellow artists alike. Pete has also received many awards and nominations, yet he his driven, not by these accomplishment, but by his love for the ministry. His music reflects “true life” from God’s perspective.
“My calling is not to make music, or to simply entertain, but to communicate the true life message of Jesus Christ as a minister of the Gospel. I want to make a difference in people’s lives. It is amazing how much power music has. It not only moves the mind and emotions, it moves the spirit.” says Pete.
Along with his songs, music and ministry, Pete has a “Bubba Burks” comedy routine that entertains people of all ages. Where else can you find Christian Comedy but at Pete Whitebird concert. All are welcome to this free concert at the First Baptist Church, 450 King St., February 8, at 6:00p.m.

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